Mayor Emanuel Makes Citywide Civic Call to Action in Inaugural Address

In his second inaugural speech, Mayor Emanuel focused on meeting the needs of the city's disadvantaged youth, challenging every citizen to participate and play an active role in a young person's life.  Recognizing that everyone has something to give - their time, values, knowledge, a skill - every resident in Chicago has a role to play in ensuring all of our youth have the tools and support they need to succeed. 

“We will work harder than ever to restore trust where it is broken and opportunity where it is lost. But today I challenge every citizen of this great city:  You must do your part, too. Be a role model for the young people in your life.  Share the values that made you who you are with someone who wants to grow up to be just like you.  Give an adolescent who was born without a prayer his first prayer at getting ahead.  Find a way to let young men, invisible for too long, see hope, belief, and expectation in your eyes.” 

-Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Sign up to become a mentor for one of Chicago's youth today!  Check out the available opportunities HERE.


Posted by Leah Bindig on May 29, 2015
I'm very interested in mentoring high school children. I have a background in business. I have a bachelors and masters degree. Currently working on opening my second business. I would love to spread the entrepreneurial spirit to children so that they can see a way to make their passions and dreams come true.

Posted by Jo Ellyn Johnson on June 10, 2015
I am interested in mentoring high school students. I have a masters degree and am retired CPD and former CCC adjunct professor. In my capacity as professor, I found that my students (most of whom were CPS graduates) lacked the ability to write at a collegiate level. Many informed me that they had never written a paper in high school nor had they researched a topic; both skills necessary to perform successfully at the college leve.

I would like to mentor students in a critical thinking and writing course.

Posted by Jody Persky on June 10, 2015
I'm a 42 year old Vice President of Marketing for Career Education Corporation. I was a successful athlete in high school and played at Northern Illinois University. I attribute my career success to being a student athlete and learning leadership. I'm not a natural athlete and worked hard to achieve. Including walking on to NIU's basketball team. I have an interesting story to share and encourage students to work hard and not give up to achieve their goals.

Posted by Denise Hopkins on June 10, 2015
I am interested in working with the youth of Chicago,I'm a retired city worker who mentors the youth in the community that I live in. I have always had a desire to mentor our youth to teach them that their are great opportunities and that there is a silver lining at the end of the rainbow.

Posted by Katherine Volk on June 15, 2015
As a retired educator with the Chicago Public Schools I have witnessed first hand what a difference mentoring can make in the lives of students. There are limitless opportunities open to all.

Posted by Paula Baron on June 28, 2015
I am a retired CPS high school history teacher, and looking for ways to mentor and/or tutor young people. I can help with reading and writing skills, college readiness, etc.

Posted by Ashanti Jackson on July 07, 2015
I would love to help.
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