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The Chicagoland area has experienced severe weather storms in the last decade and is expected to experience more in higher magnitudes. In partnership with Cities of Service, the City of Chicago is offering four (4), grants of up to $4,000 in supplies for community organizations to host a Gear Up Get Ready (GUGR) Stormwater Workshop and support community-led stormwater mitigation projects. 
In April 2013, Chicago experienced the wettest April in its history leading to massive floods in Westside communities. The damages caused by stormwater cost the City and private residents millions of dollars in damages. Residents were especially susceptible to basement flooding. The Gear Up Get Ready Stormwater workshops will host presentations on emergency preparedness, home preparedness, and green infrastructure to prepare residents for severe rainstorms. Residents who attend the workshops will also participate in the implementation of a green infrastructure project in the community.
Based on census tracks for the National Disaster Resilience Competition, six communities were identified as being the most susceptible to the threats of stormwater. The City of Chicago is using the funding to spur volunteer action against the effects of stormwater. Community groups must complete and email for the application and return a completed copy to be considered for up to $4,000 in supplies toward projects that affect communities with flood-risks and must demonstrate a capability to carry out the project. Workshops and projects must be completed no later than the first weekend of August (08/04/18).


*Please email Jai-W Hayes Jackson to receive the grant application.

Organization Requirements

Projects will require volunteer capacity from the targeted communities. Organizations applying for grants will have to have a constituent base and physical venue to host events. Organizations must:

  • Be in one of the target community areas: Austin, East Garfield, West Garfield Park, Humboldt Park, or North Lawndale, or South Lawndale
  • Demonstrate the ability to host Stormwater Workshop and provide the venue on a selected weekend
  • Recruit residents from the community to attend the workshop and to volunteer for the implementation of the project
  • Be in good standing with the City of Chicago
  • Be a 501(c)(3)

Project Requirements

To receive funding, projects must be:

  • Located in one of the six target community areas identified by high flood-risk
    • Austin, East Garfield, West Garfield Park, Humboldt Park, or North Lawndale, or South Lawndale
  • Volunteer-led, recruiting volunteers from the community
  • Focused on stormwater mitigation through volunteer efforts
  • For each volunteer project, we are asking that the community organization choose a pre-selected – or one not listed (with approval) – a green infrastructure project. 

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