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This is not a full time position but does require commitment. 

Our whole intention is to teach the power of follow-through. We ask that you not offer to do something unless you have a plan to get it done, no matter what. Ask any questions necessary, get the info you need. I will help at every opportunity and can answer most questions. 

I need help implementing systems so we can start generating some revenue. I'm currently developing a Real Estate division to get us moving in the direction of our first facility.

Only together can anything be successfully achieved! Help me pull all the resources together to end homelessness together!

Life Teaches Foundation will be an integral part of the abolishment of homelessness!

One day, homelessness will be a horror story that our chldren read in textbooks, like today we read and hear about the holocaust.


Duties will include:

  • Filing our 990-N as needed
  • Gathering info needed to update GuideStar profile and other platforms
  • Proficient in Excel and project management software
  • Familiar with cloud storage (OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox)
  • I want a right hand person to be able to brainstorm ideas who will also help implement the ideas we come up with.....including bringing in other volunteers until we can hire appropriately

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