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- Ensure the safety of the Safe House by allowing only appropriate people to enter the Safe House. Lobby volunteer utilizes the intercom and camera system to confirm the identity of Safe House clients, staff, other volunteers, and service providers who come to the Safe House door.

-  Interact with clients as they come in and out of the shelter and as they come to the Safe House lobby to ask questions about Safe House policies and operations. 

- Assist clients with basic daily living skills, including: signing in/out from the Safe House, providing directions to community locations, assisting with public transportation-looking up train/bus schedules, providing needed items such as toiletries/linens/bedding from Safe House inventory, giving laundry detergent as needed.

- Explain the basic Safe House policies and procedures to clients, including: staff schedules, babysitting rules, curfew, overnight policy, mail process, chore assignments.

-  Other duties are assigned to Lobby volunteers based on volunteer interest and current shelter need (Examples include: minor administrative tasks-filing/making copies/faxing documents, organizing/sorting donations, researching community resources).


This may be a good fit for you if:

-  You enjoy helping people find a way out of difficult situations.

-  You are looking for a volunteer opportunity that provides direct service to our clients.

-  You are a good listener and able to give empathy and options without giving advice.

-  You are able to stay calm, even when others become upset or emotional.

-  You are committed to providing a safe, non-judging environment where you are willing to support people in their choices, even choices you may not agree with (example: a woman choosing to return to her abuser.)

-  You feel comfortable working with people in a diverse environment in regards to social-economic status, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religion.


Most volunteers come once a week for 3-4 hours shift between 8am to 7pm weekly.  Requires willingness to commit to volunteer for at list one year. Need to complete a 40 Hour Domestic Violence Training. Certificate will be provided after completion of 75 hours of volunteering. Any person experince with domestic violence shoud be more than two years prior to applying for this volunteer opportunity. A willingness to keep the location confidential.

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